My life is a shipwreck

November 7th, 2018

Empowered Witness – “My life is a shipwreck”

Acts 27

When has your life felt like a shipwreck?  What happened?



In the midst of a “shipwreck” did you ever ask, “Why me?”  ________



Elements of a Shipwreck:


  1. The Journey – “The winds were against us.”             vs. 4
  • God provides:  Companions
  • We respond:    Concern for others



  1. The Storm – “We finally gave up all hope.”    vs. 20
  • God provides:  Assurance
  • We respond:    Active faith



  1. The Shipwreck – “Everyone reached land safely.”   vs. 44
  • God provides:  Protection
  • We respond:    Proclamations of thanksgiving
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