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Christ-centered, practical messages challenging us to live in faith together.

A Christmas Eve message from Pastor Mark

Christmas Eve message from Pastor David.

An Advent message from Matthew 2:1-2.


Are you prepared for Christmas?

A Thanksgiving message.

We apologize for the poor audio quality.  Improvements are being made which will greatly improve our quality in the upcoming weeks.

We long for a better place; a heavenly homeland.

A message from John 14:1-14.

We apologize for the poor quality of the audio.  We experienced technical difficulties.

A message from John 13:31-38.


Betrayal hurts. In John 13:31-30 we see the worst betrayal about to take place in all of history. Judas' betrayal of Jesus teaches us how to live better lives as Christians.

Simple Service

Jesus washed feet - an act of simple service.  We are called to do the same

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