Bethesda E-Free Church Podcast

Christ-centered, practical messages challenging us to live in faith together.

A message from John 7:1-24

Walk His Way

Some react to Jesus' authority by walking away.  Instead, we are to walk His Way.

A Challenging Message from John 6:58-69.  


Can I be sure?

Can we be sure of our salvation?  

A message from Pastor Mark on John 6:35-40.

A message from John 6:16-21 by Pastor David 

A message on Christian unity from Ephesians 4:1-6.

Seeing God

A Message from John 6:1-15.


A Message from John 5:30-47 from Pastor David

A message from Pastor David on John 5:19-29

A Mother's Day message looking at Mary, Ruth, Eunice, and Lois.  We will look at one characteristic of each of these godly women.

Who are the godly women in your life?

We can fall into the trap of looking for what we need in all the wrong places.  Even when God blesses us, we aren't always grateful.  A message from John 5:1-14

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